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A digital studio crafting amazing experiences.

The Digital Group is a digital consulting company that offers a professional end to end service. The company strives to provide excellent service delivery and efficient support to differentiate itself from current price-oriented companies. We achieve this through a solutions based approach that is customer-centric, ensuring that our clients’ needs are met. We ensure our customers are aware of their needs and tailor make packages to suit their requirements and budget by providing the correct service and information to the right target client.
Establishing a clear understanding of your requirements.
Clearly defining a road map to execute the strategy.
Doing our magic to make your vision a reality.
Its now time to launch a successful campaign.

Our Service

Website Design & Development

Cutting edge web design and development technologies implemented to create and optimized, professional look that effectively drives conversions.

App Design & Development

Bespoke application design and development allowing clients to access your services from anywhere.Functionality and simplicity.

Website Design Academy

A structured design and development course suited to beginners or more advanced designers.Our step by step approach ensures the highest competency.

Google Advertising

Our Google Ads Specialists are Certified by Google, therefore you can be rest assured that your digital marketing investments are in good hands.

Social Media Marketing

Social media management not only saves you time but allows a focused and consistent message delivered in order to increase your businesses ROI.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing both content and design of your website allows us to organically increase both the quality and quantity of your web visitors.

Graphic Design

We help businesses tell their story and connect with their audiences. We do this by creating designs that look, feel and work beautifully.


We work with you to develop a brand DNA that is both authentic to your message, as well as possessing inventive cut-through in the face of a saturated market.

Connectivity Solutions

We supply and support fibre to the home and business.Experience reliable, uninterrupted connectivity ranging from 10Mbps to 200Mbps

Website Hosting

We provide local, high security Linux hosting with automated backups.Data security is assured with world-class SSLs and firewalls.

E-mail Hosting

Business quality email with scalable storage based on your domain name.This includes access to a web based interface for remote access when needed.

Home Network Security

A router level solution protecting every single device that is connected to your network by limiting content viewed on the web based on your predefined rules.

Network Risk Assesments

Every network has it’s flaws. We’ll perform a detailed network assessment and help you identify and secure any potential points of entry.

Children's Device Monitoring

Knowing what your children are doing on their mobile devices and computers has become a vitally important part in ensuring your children are safe.

Online Safety & Security Workshops

More is done online than ever before, we provide training course that educates on how to be safe in an ever growing online space.

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