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Posted by admin | 12 July 2016
10 Ways to Secure and Protect Passwords

Password Protection This year, Verizon outlined in its annual Data Breach Investigations Report that 81 percent of hacking-related data breaches involved either stolen or weak passwords. This means that password protection is a real pain in the neck for security officers at enterprises. They can’t be complacent about the processes and controls they rely on for password...

Posted by admin | 10 February 2020
5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Firewall

While most operating systems (desktop and mobile) feature a basic built-in firewall, the best results can usually be gained from using a dedicated firewall application, unless you know how to set up the built-in firewall properly and have the time to do so. Firewall applications in security suites feature a host of automated tools that...

Posted by admin | 10 February 2020
Don’t Get Hacked: 5 Steps

Protect yourself online Over the past few months, a spate of high-profile security breaches and scandals (most notably Facebook/Cambridge Analytica) have made the average person far more aware of how their data is used online. With the Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation coming into effect amid all this, many would’ve been hopeful that their data might...